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Chrysalis Recovery Center, LLC & CRC's DWI Program (IDCMP)

All Locations Call: 603-998-4210

Main Office: 112 S. State St. Concord, NH 03301

also in Manchester, Franklin and Northwood

What Required Documents Will You Need For The IDCMP??

 1. Arrest Report and narrative with the form of refusal (this is the pink form that allowed you to drive for 30 days) or blood or breath test results. (call or email the police department that arrested you and request it be emailed to you). This includes all pages, from all officer reports. Please include the criminal record if part of the report.

2. Your Case Summary from the Court.  You can obtain your Case Summary for your DWI conviction by calling the Circuit Court at             1-855-212-1234 and request they email it to you. Then upload into the portal or email to [email protected]

3. A certified original copy of your NH driving record - CLICK Here........ DMV link to purchase it online and the DMV will mail to you.

**You will need a driving record of ALL states you ever had a DWI in**

4. $70 money order payable to: Treasurer State of NH *make sure to print your name on it below signature*

You will need to either: mail to us at: Chrysalis Recovery Center, 112 S. State St. Concord NH 03301.

Or if local, you can drop it off, during the hours are 8-5 or there is a mail slot at the front of the building. Place money order in sealed envelope and drop in the slot.

5. If applicable, and you are on TANF, SSDI, SSI, APTD or VA disability - you will need to get proof of that assistance.

You can start the online intake packet below without all the documents, but we review records to determine if you have everything needed for the intake/eval.

Click Here To Begin the ONLINE IDCMP INTAKE PACKET and Book Your Intake

The above button brings you to our online intake packet which will take 30-45 min to complete. 

At the end of completion of this online IDCMP Intake Packet, you will be redirected to book your appointment online and you will have to pay either:

 $75 for NH resident rate, or $350 if you are not a resident of NH.

You will be uploading the above mentioned documents, if you have them as well as a photo and military ID if applicable. You will be able to do this from a computer or your cell phone. You can upload pictures you take with your phone, or from documents you have in email from lawyer or the court, or on your computer already. Our system supports multiple file types.

You will also need to have a credit card, to complete the process and book your intake online.

If online does not work for you, please call our office at 603-998-4210 and we can mail you an intake packet.

Are you already enrolled in another IDCMP and only want to take the 20 hr. class with us?   

** Everyone Can Come to Chrysalis for the Education Program **

and likewise, even if you are enrolled in our IDCMP - you can do your education component at any of the other NH state approved IDCMP programs.

Simply ask your IDCMP program to do a referral for "education only". Or call us and we can help at 603-998-4210

Click Here to Learn More About the Steps of the IDCMP Program from Loss of License to Reinstatement

Why choose Chrysalis?

We have developed an in depth assessment of what the client’s best interests and needs are; influenced by todays society, along with our many years of working with DWI clients in counseling. (Click here to read comments from our clients)

Highlights of Our Program:

  • 100% Phone and Online IDCMP allowed since 3.20.2020 (due to covid)
  • When back to in person - we are the only program in NH that offers single bedrooms with a private bathroom. (For the same cost as shared rooms at other programs). These rooms are clean, tastefully decorated, and recently renovated; complete with double beds, cable tv and wifi during your required DWI education program. (Your court paperwork outlines the IDCMP costs.)       SEE PICTURES OF OUR ROOMS HERE
  • We strive to make it affordable to those in need of savings – and offer 3 rooms which have 2 double beds and a shared bathroom, at a reduced rate.
  • We offer 10% off intake, evaluation and counseling for our Active Duty / Veteran clients. Thank you for your service!
  • If you chose to do our overnight program if back in person, we allow you to keep your cell phone during your stay.
  • Our focus is treating clients with dignity and respect, and to treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. Clients are encouraged to help themselves in the kitchen, and feel like they are at home with home like classroom, dining and kitchen accommodations.
  • We do not assume everyone is an alcoholic/addict - but rather we accept that everyone has a right to be individually assessed for a substance use disorder.
  • We create a home-like environment in all of our spaces.
  • We are family owned and operated.
  • We are owned and operated by someone with years in the addiction counseling field, this means a more client centered approach. This program did not start in order to be a DWI class – this program started out only doing 1:1 counseling, fulfilling our desire to work with people to transform their lives. Clients reported in counseling their unhappiness with DWI programming between 2009-2012, and there appeared to be a need for a different approach than what our clients were experiencing, and so Chrysalis IDCMP was born and we started being a NH IDCMP in 2013.