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Chrysalis Recovery Center, LLC & CRC's DWI Program (IDCMP)

All Locations Call: 603-998-4210

Main Office: 112 S. State St. Concord, NH 03301

also in Manchester, Franklin and Northwood


If you have had a DWI, and you need to enroll in an IDCMP program, you can click below to begin our intake process. Within 45 min you will have booked yourself your online and phone intake appointment.

This packet will take 30-45 min to complete. You will need to have or be actively gathering the following documents:

1. Arrest Report and narrative with the form of refusal or blood or breath test results. (call or email the police department that arrested you and request it be emailed to you)

2. Your case summary from the court, (call court and they can email it to you). You can obtain your Case Summary by calling the Circuit Court at 1-855-212-1234 and request they email it to you.

3. A certified original copy of your NH driving record - here is the link                       obtain my NH driving record

4. $70 money order payable to Treasurer State of NH (you will get instructions in email of where to send this).

5. At the end of completion of this IDCMP Intake Packet, you will be redirected to book your appointment online and you will have to pay either $75 for NH resident rate, or $350 if you live out of state and are not doing any portions of the program in NH.

You will be uploading these documents, as well as a photo and military ID if applicable. You will be able to do this from a computer or your cell phone. You can upload pictures you take with your phone, or from documents you have in email from lawyer or the court, or on your computer already. Our system supports multiple file types.

You will also need to have a credit card, to complete the process and book your intake online.

If online does not work for you, please call our office at 603-998-4210.

If you are ready to begin this process of your online intake and booking your appointment , click the button below:

Enroll Now into IDCMP

Chysalis Counseling Services

Chrysalis has been a counseling center since 2009. We have counselors that provide mental health counseling, alcohol and substance abuse counseling, and anger management. We specialize in veterans and active duty service members - and we offer a 10% discount on all intakes, evaluations, and every counseling session for our veterans and active duty. Chrysalis also has more then 11 years working in NH with probation, parole, DCYF, pre-trial, DATA, and drug court involved clients.

You can call or email to become a client today and we will email you the intake packet. 603-998-4210

Convicted of a DWI? We are a NH IDCMP





Probation/Parole Pretrial & DATA Client Involved Services and Counseling


Forms of Payment:

A. Health Insurance -

      1. Blue Cross and Blue Shield or BCBS or Federal BCBS

      2. NH Medicaid

      3. WellSense (Beacon Health)

      4. NH Healthy Families (Cenpatico)

      5. Ambetter

      6. Cigna

      7. Amerihealth Caritas

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE - click here you may be eligible for free or low cost insurance in NH!

B. Contracted Program Provider of -

     1. Merrimack County DATA Program

     2. Veterans Choice / Community Care Program

C. Self Pay

     1. Cash, Check and Money Orders accepted

     2. Credit Cards Accepted

Discounts Offered:

We want to thank our Veterans.

We offer 10% off all Intakes and Counseling and Evaluations!